Four? Play!

     Tony "El Tigre" Gonzales in in the bunker tonight. We discuss a bit of Disney. Disney food, rides, and Disney Gangs. Also, the 80's and 90's are coming back. Are you ready? We FINALLY get to Joey's Tromboning story and incoherently ramble for the latter part of the hour. 

3 Amigos minus one

    Barch Nugget is in the studio tonight as we discuss food, folks and fun. As well as tell stories about my dad and his checkered past. We also talk about Popeye's chicken sandwich and where it went. Scary technology and our eventual demise and the first thing we remember stealing.  Bonus content: How we like our Kool-aid and do you prefer Pepsi or Coke. Oh, and MORE FOOOOD!!!!

Sorry No 2-er-tillas

    Gabe, Joel, and Mike join me in the studio to discuss old times and a few interesting topics, such as, our musical guilty pleasures, our Last Meals, and some other hilarious subjects!!!  Hang out with us.