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May 15, 2020  

Super NinTENdo Chalmers

Mikey Freitas joins me via ZOOOOOM this week as we talk about everything from his new life in Tennessee, guns, his "not-so-secret" love for Lady Gaga, Tiger King, How in the world have i never seen GREASE? Things we miss during coronavirus, Our love for video games and the hot game, Animal Crossing. Baseball is almost back.... and we can't wait! My favorite show, The Masked Singer and why am I so good at guessing these singers?  We also read some ridiculous rap lyrics and play, "Would you rather?"   Hang out, listen on your way to work or wherever you're going.   

April 17, 2020  

Nein! Nein! Nein!!! Covid NINEteen interview w/ Melissa O.

      I got a chance to chat with over 20 year veteran phlebotomist Melissa O. and pick her brain about this whole pandemic.  What are people doing wrong? Right?  How can we help? How do i protect my family? Also, I let HER vent and tell me her concerns about her safety, health and well-being. It's real good stuff people. Good knowledge. Sit down, listen in, and learn something. PEACE!!!

March 9, 2020  

Ocho Babies (8)

     It's here! another episode of good, clean laughs. (sorta) We discuss everything from Chris almost dying to our Christmas traditions. (yes i know it's March)  And MUCH MORE!!! Plus.... I finally come clean about what happened that fateful night many years ago regarding the cholo car chase.   Not to mention the  ladies of the night..... there are several stories about them.   0_o    Download, settle in, and get ready for a fun ride!!! 

    Featuring Corie Youngblood and Christopher Chavez

January 31, 2020  

Step up in the elevator, press #7…

    Another live episode in the books. This time Ryan joins Ian and I (which may have been a mistake) and discuss just about everything. It's ADD at it's finest. Get ready to laugh. Hopefully. We talk about dad stuff, tv,  Ari Shaffir, MMA, Conspiracy theories and Superbowl predictions. As well as a TON of other random things. Plus, Ian may have witnessed our first LIVE CRIME IN PROGRESS live while one the show!  Stay tuned.... 

January 24, 2020  

bonus: area 81 story time #01 da’ milkman

quick 5 minute story WARNING!!!! contains gross elements. not for the weak of heart or stomach.....

November 24, 2019  

Six Shoe Eel Heel Inn (Episode 6)

I chat about Disneyland and my newfound love for it. Also the Holidays are coming, are you ready? We talk about urban legends and old times. My special guest this week is Ian "Big Rig" Oberster. 

November 15, 2019  

Ep 5.5 : I like my women like i like my SPORTSTACULAR…. Short and Sweet

A brief debriefing of the latest sports happenings in the NFL, MLB and NBA.  Don't listen if you hate sports, or suck.'

  Antonio Brown drama, Mason Rudolph's broken skull, MLB MVP and other random talk.

November 3, 2019  

Slap me 5 there, brotha!

     As previously stated, this is a trial of the new LIVE software capabilities of the show. I was not pleased with the outcome, however it was pretty fun. There are a lot of possibilites to the general direction of the show. 

 We test the "call-in" feature, which worked great and then I share a bit of what i learned about Jim Jones. After that dark segment of the show, we get back to the fun!!! More call ins and a game or two. After that i talk about random tidbits such as food, more disney, and childhood shenanigans.

    Again, thanks for bearing with me and I promise i will get this audio thing down ASAP!!!

October 28, 2019  

4? Play! 2.0

      Let's try this again.  A reupload of a file that had some audio issues from about 30:00 on.  Please try again!!! And if anything, you MUST hear the PANCAKE PUPPY story. Tony and I discuss halloween and comedy. As well as Disneyland. I finally get to telling my "TROMBONING" story. You HAVE to listen. THANKS!!!!!!

September 25, 2019  

3 Amigos minus one

    Barch Nugget is in the studio tonight as we discuss food, folks and fun. As well as tell stories about my dad and his checkered past. We also talk about Popeye's chicken sandwich and where it went. Scary technology and our eventual demise and the first thing we remember stealing.  Bonus content: How we like our Kool-aid and do you prefer Pepsi or Coke. Oh, and MORE FOOOOD!!!!